Open Humanities Working Group Update

**The following update is from the [Open Humanities Working Group](, courtesy of James Harriman-Smith. To help you keep up with everything that’s going on across the OKF, we are publishing weekly updates from different Working Groups.**

Salvete. Ahem. The latest and most important news from the Open Humanities Working Group is that we now have a blog, intended to help coordinate all of the Foundation’s projects in the humanities: []( This follows on from the merger of the Open Literature mailing list into the Open Humanities one.

On the site you will find:

* A [calendar]( of upcoming Humanities events, including our own meetings, to which anyone can [add](…
* An expanding list of [Open Humanities Working Group resources](, by the OKF and others…
* A ‘[Get Involved](’ page, with a sub-page of [5 ways to help in 5 minutes](
* A [news page](, with the latest happenings and the [details]( of past working group meetings

If you have a spare moment, please do have a look and give [me]( any feedback about content and design you have. You might also like to [tell us]( about an upcoming event, join our [mailing list](, or drop in for our next general meeting on [Wednesday 18th January at 5pm GMT](