Meet the Open Knowledge Foundation in Berlin

**We are excited to announce a number of events in Berlin in the next
two weeks!**

*Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-S0627-0300 / CC-BY-SA*

During the [re:publica]( (Germanys biggest Internet-related
conference, which is increasingly international) we will host three
little Meetups. From **May 2nd to 4th** we will be waiting for you at the
Wikimedia Tent at **6:15 PM** CEST. We will have a space to relax, chat
and discuss new ideas, cool talks and new projects. To enter, you will
need a valid re:publica Ticket. Check out our [Wiki]( for more details.

After the re:publica Hangout, we will meet at the new office of Wikimedia Germany on **May 8th** at **6.00pm** for our regular [monthly meetup]( We will speak with
some people from the newly formed [Wikidata-Allstar]( Team to learn about
this new and exciting project. Also OKFN’s Joris Pekel will tell us
more about the [Open GLAM]( activities of the Open Knowledge Foundation.
Check our Wiki for more details on [this too](!

See you guys in Berlin!