Building a data portal with CKAN

A while ago, Augusto Hermann wrote [on this blog][okf-blog] about a unique civic engagement project: the participatory process of building a government data portal in Brazil. The site, [](, is still going strong, and Augusto has now written [over on the CKAN blog][ckan-blog] about the process of building and deploying it using [CKAN](, the Open Knowledge Foundation’s free, open-source Data Management System for publishing data.

Augusto reports:

Our experience using CKAN has been positive throughout, from deploying an instance to work on extensions and translations. The beta version was created in a one-day open sprint of development on the portal (pictured below). The excellent installation documentation then meant that a person without much experience of Python or systems administration was able to put it online in a few hours.

Read the whole post [here][ckan-blog].


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