We are hiring!

We’ve just announced **7 job vacancies at the Foundation**. If you’re **passionate** about open knowledge and want to help us **build the tools and communities** that will make a difference, then apply!

We’re hiring for a **number of different roles, some technical and some more community focused**. More information on each of them can be found by clicking ont the links below:

* [Community manager (open government data)](http://okfn.org/jobs/#CM)
* [Labs – Technical lead](http://okfn.org/jobs/#LTL)
* [Events coordinator](http://okfn.org/jobs/#EC)
* [Community Coordinator (local groups specialist)](http://okfn.org/jobs/#CC)
* [Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator](http://okfn.org/jobs/#MFC)
* [Data Wrangler (Labs)](http://okfn.org/jobs/#MFC)
* [Communications and Community Coordinator – Labs](http://okfn.org/jobs/#CCC)