Blog makes Public Domain Calculators available for the entire European Union

**The following guest post is by Maarten Zeinstra from [KnowledgeLand]( Maarten is a member of the OKF [Working Group on the Public Domain](** Works that have fallen into the public domain after their term of copyright protection has elapsed can be freely used by everybody. In theory that means that these works can be reused […]

Report from JISC Open Bibliography

**The following post is the majority of the final report from our [Open Bibliography Working Group](’s collaborative Open Bibliography project with [JISC]( Further information is available on the [original report post]( Congratulations to all involved on the successful completion of the project!** Bibliographic data has long been understood to contain important information about the large […]

Open Bibliographic Data Challenge

What can you do with open access to data? What great ideas do you have for utilising open access to bibliographic catalogues? Or what example prototypes can you come up with? We want to find out! 2 x £50 prizes for great ideas using bibliographic data 2 x £500 prizes for building prototype apps using […]

Milestone for Open Bibliographic Data: British Library Release 3 Million Records

The JISC funded [OpenBib project](, of which OKF is a partner, [announced last week][ob-announce] in [collaboration with the British Library][bl-announce] the release of 3 million [open bibliographic records][opendef] to the community. **This release represents a milestone for open bibliography as it represents the first substantial corpus of bibliographic data to be released in an [open […]

Workshop on Open Bibliographic Data and the Public Domain

We are pleased to announce a one day workshop on Open Bibliographic Data and the Public Domain. Details are as follows: * **Where?** Rooms 108/108a, FU Berlin, Garystr. 21, 14195 Berlin * **When?** 7th October 2010 * **Registration?** * **Hashtag?** #pdobd * **Notes?** Here’s the blurb: > This one day workshop will focus on open […]

ORDF – the OKFN RDF Library

Some months ago we started looking at how we might possibly use an RDF store instead of a SQL database behind data-driven websites — of which OKF has several. The reasons have to do with making the data reuseable in a better way than ad-hoc JSON APIs. As we tend to program in Python and […]

Bibliographica, an Introduction

It’s time to talk a bit about Bibliographica, a new project of the Open Knowledge Foundation. Bibliographica is designed to make it easier for scholars and researchers to share and collect information about work in their field. It provides an open source software platform to create and share semantically rich information about publications, authors and […]