CKAN v1.2 Released together with Datapkg v0.7

We’re delighted to announce [CKAN v1.2][ckan-v1.2], a new major release of the [CKAN software][ckan]. This is the largest iteration so far with 146 tickets closed and includes some really significant improvements most importantly a new [extension/plugin system][ckan-plugins], SOLR search integration, caching and INSPIRE support (more details below). The [extension work][ckan-plugins] is especially significant as it […]

A free software model for open knowledge

Notes describing the talk on the work of the Open Knowledge Foundation given last week at Jornadas SIG Libre. I was happily surprised to be asked to give this open knowledge talk at an open source software conference. But it makes sense – the free software movement has created the conditions in which an open […]

Introducing Datapkg: A Tool for Distributing, Discovering and Installing Data “Packages”

[Datapkg][] [0.5][] has been released! This is the first release deemed suitable for public consumption (though we are still in alpha)! This announce therefore serves as both introduction and release announcement. [datapkg]: [0.5]: ## Introduction From the [docs][datapkg]: > datapkg is an user tool for distributing, discovering and installing data (and content) ‘packages’. […]