Draft of an Open Data Commons Attribution License

Yesterday Open Data Commons [released a draft]( of a new [attribution license specifically aimed at data and databases]( We would warmly welcome feedback on the new draft, and help circulating it to relevant parties (including legal experts, prospective users and so on)! From [the announcement]( > Open Data Commons are happy to announce the first […]

New open data from London Datastore

As you may well have seen, last Thursday the Greater London Authorities announced the new [London Datastore]( * From the [press release]( > The Mayor of London will unveil plans for the capital’s first open data project which will see large amounts of previously unavailable information from City Hall released online. > Similar to the […]

Interview with Jordan Hatcher on legal tools for open data

The [Open Knowledge Foundation](’s [Jordan Hatcher]( was recently interviewed by the [Semantic Web Company]( about [Why we can’t use the same open licensing approach for databases as we do for content and software]( > Legal certainty is crucial when it comes to build business around new technologies. The Open Knowledge Foundation has started to tackle […]

After the Open Data and Semantic Web Workshop

Last week we had a workshop on [Open Data and the Semantic Web]( in London. There were some excellent talks, demos and discussions – and documentation is now online! As a result of discussions we had at the workshop, we now have two new volunteer positions at the Open Knowledge Foundation. If you’re interested in […]

Slides from Open Data Session at ISWC 2009

The Open Knowledge Foundation’s [Jordan Hatcher]( recently co-led a workshop on [Legal and Social Frameworks for Sharing Data on the Web]( at the [8th International Semantic Web Conference]( He was joined by Leigh Dodds and Tom Heath of [Talis](, and Kaitlin Thaney of [Science Commons]( You can now see: * [Jordan’s slides – Open Data […]

OpenFlights data released under Open Database License (ODbL)

[OpenFlights]( is a site for “flight logging, mapping, stats and sharing”. We’re very pleased to hear they’ve [just released their data]( under the [Open Database License (ODbL)]( > One of OpenFlights‘ most popular features is our dynamic airport and airline route mapping, and today, we’re proud to release the underlying data in an easy-to-use form, […]

ODC Open Database License (ODbL) Release Candidate 2 is Out

Open Data Commons, a project we help host and run, has [put out]( its second and final “Release Candidate” of the [Open Database License (ODbL)]( As it states [in the announcement]( > The Open Database License (ODbL) v1.0 “Release Candidate 2” is now available at: > > > > As expected there haven’t been many […]

Open Data Commons Release v1.0 Release Candidate for Open Database License

Open Data Commons, a project we help host, has [put out]( a v1.0 “Release Candidate” for their [Open Database License (ODbL)]( As it states in the [announcement]( > This updated version of the license incorporates a whole set of changes arising out of the [earlier comments period](/2009/02/27/open-database-license-draft-available-for-comments/) and the main changes are summarized below. > […]