Boundless Learning demands a jury trial

We’ve been following the case of [Boundless Learning]( on the OKF blg (see [here]( and [here](, in which the world’s most prominent producer of Open Access textbooks online is being sued by the world’s biggest producers of physical, copyrighted textbooks. In the latest twist to the tale, Boundless have filed their answer, requesting a trial […]

Announcing Recline.JS: a Javascript library for building data applications in the browser

**Today we’re pleased to announce the first public release of [Recline.JS, a simple but powerful open-source library for building data applications in pure Javascript](** For those of you who want to get hands on right away, you can: * [Try out a demo]( – like [this demo of the grid, graph and map components]( * […]

Boundless Learning Got Served. What does it all Mean for Open Textbooks?

If you are at all familiar with the open textbook world, you’ve likely heard of the startup called Boundless Learning. Leveraging information in the public domain, as well as dipping into the enormous stockpile of learning that is Open Education Resources, Boundless Learning has a created a tool that hopes to eventually replace the traditional […]

The Open Knowledge Foundation is seeking an Editor for Open Text Book!

We are seeking an **Editor** for [Open Text Book](, one of the highest ranked sites on the web for finding textbooks that you can [freely use, reuse and redistribute]( * This is a volunteer position requiring a one to two day a month commitment. If you are interested in contributing to the world of open […]