Last month we ran the Open Knowledge Foundation’s largest celebration of open bibliographic data to date. The main focus of the two-day event was to get some hacking done and use the tools the Open Knowledge Foundation has helped to build, or is currently building, for working with bibliographic data, such as [BibServer](, [TEXTUS]( and […]

Bibliographic References in Textus

[Textus]( is the OKFN’s open source platform for working with collections of texts. It harnesses the power of semantic web technologies and delivers them in a simple and intuitive interface so that students, researchers and teachers can share and collaborate around collections of texts. Sites such as the upcoming []( and the existing []( contain […]

Let’s Make!

**The following post is by the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Jonathan Gray and is cross-posted from his [personal blog](** A little while ago I posted some ideas for a project called, which would enable users to transcribe, translate, annotate and create collections of philosophical texts which have entered the public domain. As was [announced last […]

JISC to fund development of TEXTUS project

**The following post is by [Sam Leon](, Community Co-ordinator at the Open Knowledge Foundation.** We’re delighted to announce that **[JISC]( will be funding the initial development of the [TEXTUS]( platform** as part of its [Digital Infrastructure Programme]( TEXTUS will be a **lightweight**, **easy-to-use** platform that will enable users to **read**, share and collaborate around **public […]