Ordnance Survey to open up UK geospatial data

In a [press release]( earlier this week, it was announced that there will be moves to open up geospatial data produced by the Ordnance Survey: > The Prime Minister and Communities Secretary John Denham will today announce that the public will have more access to Ordnance Survey maps from next year, as part of a […]

Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) 2010: Call for Proposals

The [Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) 2010 Call for Proposals]( is now open! We would be grateful for help in circulating the call to relevant lists and communities! You can reuse or point to: * [This blog post]( * [Main CFP page]( * [Plain text announce]( (wrapped at 72 characters) * [ post]( * [Twitter post]( […]

OpenFlights data released under Open Database License (ODbL)

[OpenFlights]( is a site for “flight logging, mapping, stats and sharing”. We’re very pleased to hear they’ve [just released their data]( under the [Open Database License (ODbL)]( > One of OpenFlights‘ most popular features is our dynamic airport and airline route mapping, and today, we’re proud to release the underlying data in an easy-to-use form, […]

Where is the nearest bus stop? UK Department for Transport adds NaPTAN data to Open Street Map

The UK’s [Department for Transport (DfT)]( has recently released data from the [National Public Transport Access Node (NaPTAN)]( database to be put on [Open Street Map (OSM)]( As it says on the [NaPTAN website]( > NaPTAN provides a unique identifier for every point of access to public transport in the UK, together with meaningful text […]

Open Plaques: open data about UK heritage sites

[Open Plaques]( is a project to find and document all the UK’s blue heritage plaques, which commemorate sites where famous events occurred, or with a connection to notable historical figures. There are currently over 1700 plaques, which can be browsed by [area](, by [person](, by [role]( or by [organisation]( Though the project is currently in […]

Open Data: Openness and Licensing

Why does this matter? Why bother about openness and licensing for data? After all they don’t matter in themselves: what we really care about are things like the progress of human knowledge or the freedom to understand and share. However, open data is crucial to progress on these more fundamental items. It’s crucial because open […]

Good news for open data: Protocol for Implementing Open Access Data, Open Data Commons PDDL and CCZero

Last night Science Commons [announced]( the release of the [Protocol for Implementing Open Access Data]( The Protocol is a method for ensuring that scientific databases can be legally integrated with one another. The Protocol is built on the public domain status of data in many countries (including the United States) and provides legal certainty to […]

Keeping “Open” Libre

Last week I attended the Jornadas gvSIG, the developer/user gathering for the open source GIS project supported by the regional government in Valencia. There seems to be a very supportive climate towards free software and open licensed data in Spain. I was impressed to hear people from commercial consultancies and local government information and infrastructure […]

How to Develop Geodata Domain Models

Jo Walsh (who’s also a member of the Open Knowledge Foundation) has written [a great post]( over on the [mappinghacks]( blog about the development a new data model for OpenStreetMap. Though focused on the issue of modelling geodata the points she raises, particularly in relation to ‘Audit’ functionality (change tracking, versioning etc), are applicable to […]

Copyright not applicable to geodata?

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve heard new questions and opinions about open licensing of geographic information, coming from several different directions. Specifically: Local and regional authorities in Italy and in New Zealand among others, have been looking into whether it is appropriate to use a Creative Commons license for geodata. Richard Fairhurst of […]