Announcing Recline.JS: a Javascript library for building data applications in the browser

**Today we’re pleased to announce the first public release of [Recline.JS, a simple but powerful open-source library for building data applications in pure Javascript](** For those of you who want to get hands on right away, you can: * [Try out a demo]( – like [this demo of the grid, graph and map components]( * […]

The Right to Read Is the Right to Mine

*The following is a draft content mining declaration developed by the Open Knowledge Foundation’s [Working Group on Open Access](* **In brief: The Right to Read Is the Right to Mine** ##Introduction Researchers can find and read papers online, rather than having to manually track down print copies.  Machines  (computers) can index the papers and extract […]

Prizewinning bid in ‘Inventare il Futuro’ Competition

By James Harriman-Smith and Primavera De Filippi On the 11th July, the Open Literature (now Open Humanities) mailing list got an email about a competition being run by the University of Bologna called ‘Inventare il Futuro’ or ‘Inventing the Future’. On the 28th October, Hvaing submitted an application on behalf of the OKF, we got […]

Forthcoming Series of Open Articles on Open Shakespeare

This is a cross-posting from Open Shakespeare to announce the culmination of a project run over the summer to encourage greater participation in the website and greater awareness of its goals of promoting open critical commentary. From Monday 12th September to Monday 10th October, Open Shakespeare will host a series of articles on the topic […]

The Public Domain Review has a new website!

**The following post is from [Jonathan Gray](, Community Coordinator at the [Open Knowledge Foundation](** As part of our work to [open up the wealth of cultural works which have entered the public domain](, earlier this year we [launched]( the [Public Domain Review]( Adam Green, the [Public Domain Review](’s wonderful Editor, has been hard at work […]

Update: Text Camp: 13th August 2011

The Open Knowledge Foundation’s first ever Text Camp will be taking place this Saturday 13th August, thanks to JISC offering us the use of their meeting rooms in London. Details Where? Brettenham House, 9 Savoy Street, WC2E 7EG, London. – Meet outside ‘The Savoy Tup’ Pub, Savoy Street, at 10am to be guided to the […]

Open Correspondence

**The following guest post is from [Iain Emsley](, who is a member of the Open Knowledge Foundation [Working Group on Open Resources in the Humanities](, and a contributor to the [Open Shakespeare]( and [Open Milton]( projects.** Using the social graph, one can find the connections between seemingly disparate groups of people on different services. Most […]

Public Domain Day 2010: A roundup

January 1st 2010 was Public Domain Day, when around the world various works fell out of copyright and into the public domain. [Back in November]( we put together a rough list of which works fall into the public domain: > You can find the list of **563 authors** on our [Public Domain Works]( project, which […]