Organisational Identifiers Event at OGD Camp 2011

**Open Government Data Camp 2011 is approaching fast! We’re really excited about all the brilliant talks, workshops, plots, plans and people that are going to be there. In the run-up to the camp we’re going to run a series of posts from a range of voices, talking about different aspects of open government data and […]

Geo-enabling Aid Data: What is, and what’s next

**The following guest post is by Josh Powell from [Development Gateway](, who works on their [AidData]( programme.** Last week, the geocoded locations of all [African Development Bank (AfDB)]( projects continent-wide approved from 2009-2010 were made available at []( The data include more than $10 billion in AfDB Group funding to 43 African countries, and were […]

Open Aid Data Conference and Hackday, Berlin, 28th-29th September

**The following post is by Christian Kreutz, co-founder and board member of the [Open Knowledge Foundation Germany](** Help us find innovative solutions for aid transparency and make development aid more effective. Germany is one of the largest donors in development aid worldwide. [Every year over 6 billion euros]( are spent by the [Federal Ministry for […]

Exploring open aid data with aidinfo labs

**The following is a guest post from [Tim Davies](, open data action researcher, currently curating the []( website for [aidinfo](, and a member of the OKFN [Working Group on Open Development](** The [International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)]( was set up in 2008 by 18 leading international development organisations. It aims to make information about aid […]

Doing Good With Data: Data Without Borders

**The following guest post is by Jake Porway from [Data Without Borders](** We live in a time of unprecedented access to data and computational power. The open data movement is quickly digitizing and making available tomes of information about the way our governments work, the way our cities move, and the patterns of our daily […]

The long road to open aid data!

**The following guest post is by Claudia Schwegmann from [OpenAid](, a member of the OKF’s [Working Group on Open Knowledge in Development](** The road to open data in development cooperation has been a long one! 10 years ago, transparency, let alone open data, in development cooperation wasn’t an issue. In 2001 the [Millennium Development Goals]( […]

Virtual Workshop on Linking Development Data, 12-13th May 2011

**The following guest post is from David Pidsley who is a member of the Open Knowledge Foundation’s [Working Group on Open Knowledge in Development](** [Open Data for Development Camp (ODDC)]( on 12th and 13th May 2011 in Amsterdam focuses on how developers, practitioners and policy makers can harness open international development data more effectively. During […]

The Aid Revolution begins with XML

**The following guest post is by Claudia Elliot from [Publish What You Fund](** IATI XML data After two years of negotiating, the 18 donors of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) agreed on February 9th the final details of a new global standard for publishing aid information. This format makes aid information internationally comparable, and […]

Let’s build a Debian for Development Data

**The following guest post is from [Rolf Kleef]( who is a member of the OKF’s [Working Group on Open Knowledge in Development]( It was originally posted [here](** I just returned from an intense week in the UK: an IKM Emergent workshop in Oxford, and the  Open Government Data Camp in London had me almost drowning […]

Pushing the envelope

**The following guest post is from Francis Bacon, member of the Open Knowledge Foundation’s [Working Group on Open Knowledge in Development]( and blogger at [Pop Goes the Weasel](** A few weeks ago I received a large brown envelope in the post. It contained a letter, written in reply to a complaint I had made. And […]