Version Variation Visualisation

In 2010, I had a [long paper]( about the history of German translations of Othello rejected by a prestigious journal. The reviewer wrote: “The Shakespeare Industry doesn’t need more information about world Shakespeare. We need navigational aids.” About the same time, David Berry [turned]( me on to Digital Humanities. I got a team together ([credits]( […]

Opening up linguistic data at the American National Corpus

**The following guest post is from [Nancy Ide](, Professor of Computer Science at Vassar College, Technical Director of the [American National Corpus]( project and member of the Open Knowledge Foundation’s [Working Group on Open Linguistic Data](** The [American National Corpus (ANC)]( project is creating a collection of texts produced by native speakers of American English […]

WordNet: A Large Lexical Database for English

The following guest post is from Christiane Fellbaum at Princeton University who is working on a statistical picture of how words are related to each other as part of the [WordNet project]( Information retrieval, document summarization and machine translation are among the many applications that require automatic processing of natural language. Human language is amazingly […]