US Doctor Data to be “Open Eventually”

**Here’s an interesting project using slightly unorthodox means to get data out into the open: [crowdfunding the purchase of US healthcare data for subsequent open release](** The company behind the project is [NotOnly Dev](, a Health IT software incubator who describe themselves as a “not-only-for-profit” company. Earlier this year they released a [Doctor Social Graph](, […]

Making a Real Commons: Creative Commons should Drop the Non-Commercial and No-Derivatives Licenses

[Students for Free Culture]( recently published two excellent pieces about why Creative Commons should drop their Non-Commercial and No-Derivatives license variants: * [Stop the inclusion of proprietary licenses in Creative Commons 4.0]( * [The Future of Creative Commons: Examining defenses of the NC and ND clauses]( As the first post says: > Over the past […]

Open Street Map has officially switched to ODbL – and celebrates with a picnic

Open Street Map is probably the best example of a successful, community driven open data project. The project was started by Steve Coast in 2004 in response to his frustration with the Ordnance Survey’s restrictive licensing conditions. Steve presented on some of his early ‘mapping parties’ – where a small handful of friends would walk […]

CC license version 4.0: Helping meet the needs of open data publishers and users

Over the last few months, Creative Commons has been working on the next version of its license suite, [version 4.0]( The goals of version 4.0 are wide-ranging, but the overall objective is clear: update the licenses so they are considerably more robust, yet easy to understand and use, for both existing communities and new types […]

Announcing the Open Definition Licenses Service

**We’re pleased to announce a simple new service from the Open Knowledge Foundation as part of the [Open Definition Project][od]: the [(Open) Licenses Service][service].** The service is ultra simple in purpose and function. It provides: * Information on licenses for open data, open content, and open-source software in machine readable form (JSON) * A [simple […]

Free! Music! Contest – fewer choices, more freedom

**The following guest post is by Christian Hufgard, chairman of [Musikpiraten](, and member of the OKF’s [Working Group on the Public Domain](** The Free! Music! Contest is a contest for bands and artists releasing their songs under a creative commons license. In its third year the focus is set on enabling remixes – and freeness. […]

Bulgarian translation of the Open Knowledge Definition (OKD)

**The following post is from [Jonathan Gray](, Community Coordinator at the [Open Knowledge Foundation](** We are pleased to now have a [Bulgarian translation]( of the [Open Knowledge Definition]( thanks to Peio Popov. You can find this at: * If you’d like to translate the Definition into another language, or if you’ve already done so, please […]

What “open data” means – and what it doesn’t

The following post is from Melanie Chernoff, Public Policy Manager for Red Hat. It was originally published on Last week, an article in the Wall Street Journal talked about the Open Data Partnership, which “will allow consumers to edit the interests, demographics and other profile information collected about them. It also will allow people […]

Richard Poynder interviews Jordan Hatcher

Open Acccess journalist extraordinaire Richard Poynder recently interviewed the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Jordan Hatcher about data licensing, the public domain, and lots more. An excerpt is reproduced below. The full version is available on Richard’s website. Over the past twenty years or so we have seen a rising tide of alternative copyright licences emerge — […]