The space around us is changing and Open Knowledge International needs a CEO who can help refine our identity and mission in this changing context. We are looking for someone who is entrepreneurial, creative and can work out what open means today, turning our mission into reality. You will be able to harness our activist ethos to deliver the services and products while ensuring the sustainability of the organisation and our mission. The application deadline is now closed. closes this Monday, 1 October 2018.

As the leader of our organisation, you will be in charge of directing our activities, shaping our fundraising and business development efforts, and nurturing our relationships with our funders, partners and communities, while welcoming and pursuing new opportunities and collaborations for open data. You will translate the open philosophy into concrete streams for our clients and operationalise that vision. You will help our funders, partners and clients understand what open means for them and what standards can do to make that a reality.

You might be a senior leader within the open movement, in an organisation that promotes openness or in a data driven environment, with a strong desire and a passion to make a difference and are looking for the right vehicle to make that change. You have experience in operationalising the mission for organisations and are now looking for the opportunity to articulate the vision. Translating that vision in a changing context of user expectations, government and corporate ideologies and politics excites you.

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About us

Open Knowledge International (OKI) is a multi-award winning international not-for-profit organisation. We build tools and communities to create, use and share open knowledge — content and data that everyone can use, share, build on, and ultimately make informed decisions as a result.

Ours is a mixed business model, undertaking both grant and commercial projects, and fundraising to cover our core work. Partnerships and networks are essential to our impact and we see ourselves as part of a global network of communities, organisations, advocates, government officials and activists.

We are supported by a Board of Directors and staff who are passionate about what we do.


Why we do what we do

Our world seems to be closing or threatening to close in a whole range of ways. Knowledge is a part of how power plays out, about who can own and use it and make an impact in the world. Open Knowledge International wants to be part of getting that right.

OKI, as a part of the broader open movement and network of organisations has been focused on:

  • working with civil society organisations help find value of open data for their mission and work,
  • providing organisations with the tools and skills to effectively use data, and
  • help make government efforts around information sharing responsive to civil society needs.

We believe this is important, this matters; this is necessary for making the world a better place.

If you are enthused about our mission and believe you can lead us into the next chapter of our journey, please get in touch before 1 October 2018.