Open textbook virtual meeting, 29th September 2008

In addition to our [Open Text Book]( project, we’re very interested in the creation, distribution, use and re-use of [open]( textbooks. We’ve arranged a virtual meeting later this month for anyone interested. Details are as follows:

* **When**: Monday 29th September, 1000 PST, 1800 BST or 1900 CEST
* **Where**: #okfn IRC channel at []( To join the channel you can:
* connect using an [IRC client](;
* connect using a web-based service, such as Mibbit ([click here to join the channel via Mibbit](
* **Wiki page**: [](

So far participants will include:

* Amee Godwin, [ISKME]( + [OER Commons](
* Nicole Allen, [Student PIRGs]( + [Make Textbooks Affordable]( (which we [blogged about in April](
* Rick Watson, [The Global Text Project](
* Judy Baker, [Foothill Global Access]( + [Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources](
* Robert A. Beezer, [textbook author]( + [Professor](

If you’d like to participate, please add your name and affiliation to the [wiki page](!