Interested in open government data in Europe?

As you may know the OKF is working on an EU funded project called [LOD2]( [Part of the project]( aims to bring together openly licensed, machine-readable datasets from local, regional and national public bodies throughout Europe. It will also provide free/open source tools and services for those interested in reusing open government data.

We are currently circulating a survey which will inform work undertaken in this area. If you are interested in open government data in Europe (whether as a publisher, producer, reuser or consumer) we’d be very grateful for 10-15 minutes of your time to let us know about what you would like to see from the technology that is being developed. You can find the survey here:


We’d also very much appreciate any help in forwarding this to relevant folks, and for any blogging/tweeting to make sure as many potentially interested people as possible have the opportunity to respond! The survey will be open until the **17th December 2010**.

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