Poster about the Data Journalism Handbook for the Information Design Conference 2012

Freelance infographic designer [Lulu Pinney]( has kindly designed a wonderful poster which illustrates some of the topics covered in the [Data Journalism Handbook](, a free, open source reference book which shows how journalists can use data to improve the news.

She uses a [process diagram]( to represent different aspects of the data journalist’s workflow – from getting data to delivering it to their readers in stories, visualisations and apps. The poster will be presented at the [Information Design Conference 2012]( in London. The design is based on [Kate Hudson’s]( illustrations for the book.

The first edition of the book is nearly completed, ready for its launch towards the end of April at the [International Journalism Festival]( in Perugia. If you want to be notified when the book is released, you can [sign up on the website](

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