All Things Come To Those Who Wait

[‘All Things Come To Those Who Wait’]( is an older version of the more common proverb [‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait’](

When the [poor fellow waiting in the picture above]( was published, copyright in printed matter in the UK [expired at the same time the author did]( By 1842 copyright [outlived the author by 7 years]( By 1911 it became [50 years post mortem]( Now copyright lasts for [70 years after the author’s demise]( Admittedly rather a long wait.

At least our very patient friend above has time on his side. And at least he can console himself with the fact that – if he can wait long enough – everything will enter the public domain eventually [^1].

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If you can think of somewhere nice to put it, the graphic is [on Flickr]( under a [Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike license](

[^1]: With the strange and wonderful exception of Peter Pan, that incorrigible rascal who has fallen out of copyright, but nevertheless [keeps compelling everyone]( – [except the Disney Corporation]( – [to give]( to [Great Ormond Street Hospital for children](