Over the past few days Evan Prodromou of Wikitravel and Vinismo launched two new open services: ur1.ca and Identi.ca. Evan got in touch to make sure that both services were compliant with the draft Open Service Definition and we’re pleased to say that they are both fully open services!

Ur1.ca is a neat little service that allows the user to shrink a URL – a bit like TinyURL. A database dump of all the URLs is available – and all rights in the data have been waived using CC Zero legal tool. Code is under the GPL.

Identi.ca is a microblogging service – a bit like Twitter: “Users post short (140 character) notices which are broadcast to their friends and fans using the Web, RSS, or instant messages.” All material on the site is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution license and code is under the AGPL.

We look forward to seeing how these projects move forward!

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