Dore's illustration for Paradise Lost

The 9th of December 2008 is John Milton’s 400th birthday. To celebrate this life-long advocate of liberty we’ve officially launched ‘Open Milton’ – an open set of Milton’s works, together with ancillary information and tools, in a form designed for reuse:

The Open Milton project has two main objectives:

  1. Provide the works of John Milton, along with textual apparatus and
    tools all in an open form.

  2. Deliver this material as a knowledge package that allows for easy
    deployment, redistribution and reuse.

Specifically we provide a full open set of Milton’s works along with ancillary material, a variety of tools and a python API. In addition to the works themselves there is a chronology, statistics, a concordance and search facilities.

All material is open so that anyone can use, redistribute and reuse these materials freely. From new printed editions of Milton’s works (any budding illustrators out there?) to new kinds of electronic resources for research or education – we hope people take the material and do interesting things with it. Happy birthday John!

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Dr. Jonathan Gray is Lecturer in Critical Infrastructure Studies at the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London, where he is currently writing a book on data worlds. He is also Cofounder of the Public Data Lab; and Research Associate at the Digital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam) and the médialab (Sciences Po, Paris). More about his work can be found at and he tweets at @jwyg.

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