Appropedia is a wiki for sharing knowledge related to sustainability and development:

Appropedia is the site for collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development through the use of appropriate technology and the sharing of project information.

Started in 2006, there are currently over 14,000 pages – covering everything from DIY energy and sanitation facilities, to information on food storage and construction techniques. Much of this material originates from books, pamphlets, articles and websites donated to the wiki from other NGOs, projects and individuals – and all of it can be re-used for any purpose (see their open license page).

Vinay Gupta from Appropedia will tell us more about the project as part of the ‘Open Knowledge for Development’ session at our annual open knowledge conference, OKCon 2009, coming up on Saturday 28th March. If you’d like to come and see him talk – there are still some tickets left!

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Dr. Jonathan Gray is Lecturer in Critical Infrastructure Studies at the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London, where he is currently writing a book on data worlds. He is also Cofounder of the Public Data Lab; and Research Associate at the Digital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam) and the médialab (Sciences Po, Paris). More about his work can be found at and he tweets at @jwyg.

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