It’s April, and in the UK the sun has, at last, been sighted! To add to the cheer, The Open Knowledge Foundation’s 5th Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) takes place in ten days time on Saturday 24th April in London.

Tickets for OKCon 2010 are selling rapidly, so for those who’d like to ensure their place should register now:

The event will see a whole host of individuals descend on London for a full day of sessions and workshops spanning the Open Knowledge spectrum including:

  • State of the Nation Keynotes
    • Matthias Schindler, Wikimedia (Germany) on Bibliographic Data and the Public Domain
    • Glyn Moody, on the Post-Analogue World
    • Peter Murray-Rust, on Recent Developments in Open Science
    • Chris Taggart, on Open Local Government Data
    • Sören Auer, on Linked Open Data
    • Jordan Hatcher, on Open Licensing for Data
  • Ideas and Culture with talks on analyzing Dickens Letters and Making the Physical from the Digital
  • Open Bibliographic Information with talks on the Itinerant Poetry Library and the Journal Commons
  • Community Driven Research with talks on Climate data and Open Archaeology
  • Civic Information with talks on Using Open Government Data to Profile Politicians and the Straight Choice
  • Open Government Data and PSI in the EU which looks at the current state of play in France, Norway, Germany, the UK and elsewhere
  • Tools with talks on Large-scale data handling and revisioning with the Genome, Ontowiki, CKAN and more
  • Open Data and the Semantic Web with talks about South Korean DBPedia and Thesaurus Management Tool ‘Pool Party’

We’re also delighted to have a wide variety of short and lightning talks:

And we’ve still got space for more, so if you’re interested in a giving a lightning talk sign up on that wiki page.

Full Programme information for OKCon 2010 is available at:

More information:

We look forward to seeing people in a sunny London in April and making OKCon 2010 an event to remember!

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