Warwickshire County Council pinged us earlier this week to let us know about the launch of their new open data site!


The site hosts a range of data sets – available in CVS or XML. For example there are details about education in the region, including:

There is also a selection of data on Warwickshire councillors such as the council election results for
4th June 2009, 5th May 2005 and 7th June 2001. There is a blog and a strategy blog associated with the main website giving the latest news on the latest datasets as they are added.

The most recent blog post explains that data will soon be available on areas such as school exclusions, traffic, car parking, council buildings and Warwick County Council finance. There are also plans to allow the site visitors to post notes about the data, make requests for new data or changes, plus a showcase for web sites and applications that make use of the data.

So congratulations to Warwickshire County Council for the new release! We hope other local authorities are encouraged to follow suit.

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