We’re delighted to see that the data.gov.uk folks have released the code for their CKAN Drupal module. As many will know, the OKF’s CKAN powers data.gov.uk as well as over a dozen other data catalogues around the world.

From the blog post:

As part of the government’s ongoing work around transparency, today we are releasing some of the custom software code we’ve developed – a CKAN module for Drupal. This is available for anyone to review, use, or modify. We’re excited to see how developers and colleagues across the world put this work to good use in their own applications and projects.

The code itself is attached to this blog post as a tar.gz file and contains one main package with two sub-packages within. This code release allows content to be synched from CKAN into Drupal. CKAN is the system we use as our “back end” to store information about all the data government has released. Drupal is a system to publish web content, and serves as our “front end” through which people can use to find our datasets and comment on them.

The main CKANPackage code creates a Drupal custom content type to represent data in the same way as CKAN. The first sub-package is the CKANImporter which imports packages from CKAN into Drupal and allows this to take place as a one-off batch import or as an update to the latest changes since a specified time. The second sub-package is CKANDatagovuk which correlates fields in CKAN with Drupal hooks.

The code release includes comments in the files to assist users with the functionality. You can of course contact us should you have any questions.

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