So far it has a great week for open bibliographic data fans! Yesterday Konstanz University Library relicensed their data under CC0, as reported by Adrian Pohl, Coordinator of the OKF’s Working Group on Open Bibliographic Data:

Mathias Schindler today tweeted that the University Library Konstanz eventually published its data under CC-0. This is the first library outside the hbz library network to publish its data under an open license! At first they went with CC-BY-NC-SA – as Mathias already mentioned on this list – but were prompted by several people – amongst others on Germany’s biggest mailing list for librarians Inetbib – to use Open Knowledge Definition compatible license. Obviously they now have changed the licensing terms, see What might interest you even more: It’s MARC data!

Today, we released some data from Cambridge University Library that we’ve been working with as part of the Jiscobib project:

The JISC OpenBibliography project has received agreement from Cambridge University Library to provide a set of bibliographic data under an open license (ODC PDDL). This is great news for the project and the wider community, and we will be working to make good example use of this data in the near future.

This dataset consists of MARC 21 output in a single file, comprising around 180000 records. There is some work to be done to tidy up the data – details of this are available at: New datasets will be shared as they become available.

We have created a CKAN package for the dataset:

The raw data can also be downloaded directly from the following URL:

And its only Tuesday! On Thursday, as we blogged earlier, we’ll have a meeting on open bibliographic data in Berlin. All in all, a Very Good Week so far…

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