We’re currently organising a ‘hackday’ on the Eurostat data, which will take place on Wednesday 16th December 2010:

  • If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch on the euopendata mailing list, or drop us a line on eurostat at okfn dot org.

From the website:

Eurostat Hackday

What is Eurostat?

Eurostat is the largest source of statistical information about European member states. It contains detailed comparative information on everything from tonnes of fish caught per year to the length of our railway lines, from how much energy we consume to how happy we are.

What is the Eurostat Hackday?

On the 16th December 2010 a bunch of independent coders, designers and other interested parties in a number of different European cities will gather to brainstorm and build useful and interesting things using the Eurostat data.

How can I join in?

If you’re interested in joining in, please add your name, affiliation and location to the Etherpad and come and say hello on our euopendata mailing list.

Where are events taking place?

So far there are events planned in:

  • Berlin – Erkelenzdamm 59-61 – 10999 Berlin
  • Edinburgh– University of Edinburgh School of Informatics, 10 Crichton Street Edinburgh EH8 9AB
  • LondonCentral London. Location pending confirmation.
  • Your city here! – Let us know if you are interested in hosting an event…

Can I join in if there isn’t an event in my area?

All the events will be connected via an IRC channel, so you can join in wherever you are! Just point your IRC client to #okfn on irc.oftc.net or connect using your web browser via this link.

If I want to organise an event in my area, what do I need to do?

We don’t anticipate you’ll need much to organise an event. The main thing is to have a space big enough for your participants with a decent internet connection.

Where can I find the data?

You can find links to the Eurostat data and various mirrors/versions in various different formats by searching for ‘eurostat’ on CKAN.

Where can I add notes or ideas?

You can add notes, ideas or list yourself at the following pad:

Is there a tag/hashtag?

We’re currently using #eurostat as the tag/hashtag for Twitter, blogposts, media, etc.

Who’s behind it?

The Eurostat Hackday is currently being organised by:

If you’d like us to add your project or your organisation to this list, please let us know!

How can I contact the organisers?

You can drop us a line on eurostat at okfn dot org. We’d much prefer you to use the euopendata mailing list if your question or request can be made public.

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