What can you do with open access to data? What great ideas do you have for utilising open access to bibliographic catalogues? Or what example prototypes can you come up with? We want to find out!

  • 2 x £50 prizes for great ideas using bibliographic data
  • 2 x £500 prizes for building prototype apps using open bibliographic data

The Open Bibliographic Data challenge is currently up and running, with further details available at http://openbiblio.net/challenge

Sometimes data is not always as open as we would like, restricting our ability to share and collaborate; but one good way to increase the opportunities to work together is to demonstrate just how much we can do with data that is openly available to us, providing proofs of concept that inspire others.

The JISC openbib project recently announced releases from Cambridge University Library, IUCr and the British Library of large bibliographic datasets.

In addition, the BL dataset comprising the British National Bibliography has been uploaded into a triple store with search at http://bnb.bibliographica.org.

We would like to get more people involved so that together we can develop new and better ways to use this data.

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