The following is a guest post from Jindrich Mynarz at the National Technical Library in Prague, Czech Republic, member of the initiative, and one of the organizers of the Big Clean in Prague.

The Open Knowledge Foundation has just launched the okfn-cz mailing list:

The short URL is:

The intent of the mailing list is to provide a space for discussions about open data in Czech Republic and to serve as a way of notifying interested parties about related projects and activities.

One of the aims of the mailing list is to provide a way for organizations and projects working with open data to introduce their activities to others. In this way, projects that share a common purpose would know about each other. For instance, there are two applications dealing with visualization of public budgets data in Czech Republic: Rozpočet veřejně and Rozklikávací rozpočet, which are in turn quite similar to Open Knowledge Foundation’s

In the light of the popularity of recent events such as the e-Democracy Day and the Big Clean in Prague, it seems there is a growing potential for open data in Czech Republic. The okfn-cz mailing list was created to sustain and develop this current momentum, establish new collaborations, and set in motion the discussion about open data in Czech Republic.

If you aren’t familiar with open data, a great way to start is the short OKFN’s #opendata film that is also translated into Czech. We hope to see you, your projects, and your opinions on open data in the new okfn-cz mailing list!