The following guest post is by Alek Tarkowski from the Centrum Cyfrowe, a think-and-do-tank fostering digital society in Poland. Alek will be joining us at OKCon 2011 for his talk On the road to Open Data in Poland – Where Are We Now?

“Open budget” is a project started by Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt: Polska, a Polish think-and-do-tank promoting open government in Poland. The site contains the Polish performance budget in an open format. The performance budget accounts for about half of Polish public finances – the budget is divided into 22 functions of the state, further divided into tasks, sub-tasks and goals tied to disponents of funds.

The Polish performance budget can be downloaded either as a CSV file (196kb) or an ODS file (87kb). In the following months we will add additional datasets concerning Polish public finances.

Open budget promotes the idea of opening up public data on the the basis of the Polish performance budget for 2011. The Ministry of Finance presents budgetary data in the form of PDF files. They are public, but not compliant with accessibility standards as they do not allow further re-use. The Open Goverment Laboratory Team have gathered and transformed the data files in order to make them accessible in any spreadsheet.

We’ve also created an interactive visualization of this data (similar to such projects as Where Does My Money Go or Open Spending), and we are working on further approaches to presenting this data.

Screenshot of

We’re currently running a competition, to prove that interesting, useful and pretty information can be created on the basis of raw, and at first glance boring or difficult data. There are cash prizes available, and two catgories for entry: infographics and interactive visualisations. You can find all the details and the data here!

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