The following post is from Mark MacGillivray, who works with the OKF on our Open Bibliography project and other related projects.

Today the JISC called for all metadata to be openly accessible,
inviting all publicly funded organisations including universities, colleges, libraries, museums and archives to make the same commitment. The OKF is proud to have been involved in the pioneering open metadata projects such as JISC Open Bib, and we will continue to support JISC and the wider community in
the effort to make all our metadata openly accessible, to make all our resources more useful and more discoverable, and to increase collaboration and innovation.

In addition to the general open metadata principles promoted by JISC, we are promoting our Open Bibliographic metadata principles to provide clear explanations for what metadata can be considered open by default:

Full details about the bibliographic metadata we have already made available are in our final project post:

We would be happy to hear from anyone willing to participate in our efforts; our website and mailing are:

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