The following is a guest post from Chris Taggart, co-founder of and member of the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Working Group on Open Government Data

Less than eight months ago, OpenCorporates : The Open Database Of The Corporate World launched with the rather ambitious goal of creating a URL for every company in the world. Five months later, it had already reached 10 million companies. And now, barely 3 months after that, it has doubled that to over 20 million companies.

In that time, OpenCorporates has:

OpenSpending is already using OpenCorporates‘s Google Refine reconciliation service, and using the resultant open URIs OpenCorporates to identify the recipients of UK government spending, and we expect this collaboration to get even closer as OpenCorporates and OpenSpending add more data, and more countries.

Not made for a self-funded micro-startup (and, of course, the open data community, without which it wouldn’t have been possible).

So join us in celebrating this milestone, and help us make sure the biggest and best database of company information in the world is an openly licensed one by tweeting about OpenCorporates, +1’ing us, liking us on Facebook, and above all linking to us.

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