Mythology held that the world rested on the back of four elephants. In the connected 21st century we think there’s a fifth: data.

The Fifth Elephant is a community-powered two-day event around the Big Data ecosystem. We hope to enable inter-disciplinary learning between technology, analytics and design along with inter-domain learning between Technology, Media, Retail, Life Sciences, Finance and Governance. We will be reaching out to audiences like data analysts, statisticians, scientists, data-driven product managers, businesses, marketing teams, VPs, CIOs, CTOs, and not just developers.

Spread over two days, 27 and 28 July 2012, major themes for the conference will be: Big Data Infrastructure, Analytics, Visualization and Industry & Business.

We’ll have speakers from companies large and small like IBM (Watson), InMobi, Amazon, Flipkart, Gramener and all of them voted in by the community attending the conference. You can browse through the proposals for the talks and view some of the selected ones at our programme page.

We’ve already had successful Hacknights in Pune and Bangalore on the 14th-15th of July where enthusiasts got together to work with and learn analytical methodologies, visualization and wrestle with large data-sets and infrastructure. Check out our blog for a report and pictures.

There will also be a day of workshops for attendees on the 26th of July with how-tos on Redis, Python, Pig among others as well as working some Excel magic!

So if you’re in Bangalore, we look forward to seeing you soon; register now for The Fifth Elephant and reserve your place!

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Ashwan Lewis works at HasGeek bringing community-driven tech conferences to the world. He's geeky about communication, science, technology, gadgets and the sometimes unholy combination of them. In what seems like a past life now he studied ecology & evolutionary biology, taught at university and wrote regularly on his blog. You can find him on Twitter @ashwan