Today is the launch of OKFN-De’s new project ‘Stadt Land <Code>’ (‘City State <Code>’), an incubator to create digital tools for Citizens. This project is aimed at getting developers to create and implement applications to make the life of citizens in Germany easier and better.

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Together, the plan is to create useful applications for civic good. The applications entered should aim to further the cause of citizen participation, government- or administrative-transparency in Germany.

Why does Germany need this?

In the UK and the USA there are a number of well-established applications which do this, e.g. Fix my Street and Everyblock which help citizens to either connect more effectively to one another or to the state. Germany is still trailing behind in this regard, but there is a huge demand for this type of application, while the number of services offered is still rather limited. This is what OKFN-De want to change with Stadt, Land <Code>. In this project, the teams who come up with the best concepts will be supported with seed money and invited to a camp in Berlin to exchange and develop their ideas.

Want to know more about ‘Stadt Land <Code>’?

For more details and how to apply, check out the website:

And the ‘Stadt Land <Code>’ video (this version has English subtitles). For the original, see Vimeo:

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