The Open Knowledge Foundation will be hosting some of its first meetups in the US next week. On Wednesday 3rd October you can join others interested in open data, open content and the public domain in Boston and San Francisco.

The Boston meetup is focusing on “global annotation, web caching, and shared data initiatives” and will discuss a possible Awesome Knowledge initiative (a bit like an Awesome Foundation for open content and open data projects). Participants are set to include folks from the Digital Public Library of America (including a certain David Weinberger), Harvard Library and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Open Knowledge Foundation Co-Founder Rufus Pollock will be launching the San Francisco meetup – with folks confirmed from Creative Commons, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Wikimedia Foundation (with rumours that Brian Behlendorf may put in an appearance).

If you’re interested in joining future meetups in the US – you can come and say hello on our okfn-us mailing list (for local groups and meetups) or dive right in and start one up!