159054v5-max-250x250News just in that Boundless, the open source digital textbook provider, is releasing all of its 18 open source textbooks under a Creative Commons Attribution and Share-Alike license.

We covered the progress of this brilliant initiative mid-way through last year. Boundless leverages open content on the web, whether that’s information on Wikipedia or digital copies of public domain artworks, to produce textbooks that are free for everyone to access.

Boundless provides an alternative to traditional textbooks that are out of reach to many given their often hefty price tags. We’re really excited to see that the company is now making all its content available under such a permissive license that will maximise re-use of this material but make sure that those who have spent time compiling and writing these resources are attributed.

The range of textbooks on Boundless is continually increasing. You can learn about everything from accounting and biology to sociology and economics. Many of the textbooks are supplemented by other useful learning aids such as flash cards and quizes. What is more, these textbooks don’t go out-of-date when a new discovery is made or practices change within a given domain.

To find out more about what Boundless do visit their website.

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