The Public Domain Review Fundraiser ends on Wednesday 1st May, just 5 days away!

Since we launched the fundraising campaign 7 weeks ago we’ve seen a fantastic response which has got us so far to an amazing 98% of our target… very very nearly there. We are making a final push in these remaining days to make these last few hundred dollars, and we hope maybe also make a substantial leap past our goal!

If you haven’t donated yet but you’d like to be part of the amazing drive we are seeing to keep the project alive, then wait no longer! The time has come.

To learn more about the campaign and make your donation visit:

And remember that if you donate $40 or more you’ll have the opportunity to be receive our beautiful Public Domain Review Tote Bag!

Please also continue to spread the word as much as you can!

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Adam Green is Editor of The Public Domain Review.