We are very excited to announce the birth of The Public Domain Review Store! To help raise some much needed funds for the project we have made some things to sell, returning a few select gems from a pixel-based existence back into the world of real physical objects from whence they once came. As well as a variety of beautiful straight up prints, we have also designed some special Public Domain Review branded items through which you can profess your love and support of our project to the outside world. Because we have readers from all over the world, and sadly not the time nor resources to set up a merchandise empire, complete with stock-rooms and fleets of packing minions, we have – at least for now – set up a modest store through the print on demand service Zazzle. As well as these print on demand products, we also plan on working with designers and artists to make more “intimately” made objects – such as the wonderful analog GIF player from Officina K – so please do get in touch if you are interested in partnering up.

Visit the store here and start shopping!


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Adam Green is Editor of The Public Domain Review.