You are incredibility diverse and passionate. Last fall over 320 of you participated in our first OKF community-wide survey. You gave us an incredible view into you, your needs and how we at OKF can better support you. This is the first of three posts to show you: who you are, some analysis on your responses and, most importantly, how we are working to meet your feedback. Responses came from around the globe: Argentina to Indonesia to Norway to South Africa to the USA.

Today’s post is a few shiny examples to show you more about you. Without the community, OKF is just a green logo. We hope that you will enjoy this window into your OKF:

How would you describe your role in the open knowledge / open data world?
OKF Community Snapshot

Why are you involved with or interested in the Open Knowledge Foundation?
Do you work for, or closely with, any other organisation in the open data / open knowledge space?
Type of organization

How you define Open Knowledge:

Antti Poikola (Finland) defines Open Knowledge as: open data + open content + open collaborative ways to work/act share and develop shared knowledge

how you define open knowledge

Why are you involved with or interested in the Open Knowledge Foundation?
how are you involved at okf

Tune in for the next post all about your feedback and what you think is critical or needs improvement.

Thanks again to everyone who responded. And, for all you who continue to make a difference in the open world.

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