This is a guest post by Everton Zanella Alvarenga, Executive Director of Open Knowledge Brazil.


We are proud to announce we are finalists at the Google Global Impact Challenge | Brazil. Please, vote in our project to help us transform Brazil!

About the project

The Open Knowledge Brazil team works for a world in which knowledge empowers people. We are proud to announce that we are one of the finalists in Google Impact Challenge | Brazil, with the Project Gastos Abertos. We want you to help us build a different story to our country.

Brazilians work for almost half of the year just to pay taxes. After that, they know almost nothing about where their money goes. This is not the Brazil we want. Since we take good care of the spending of our homes, we should also pay attention to the spending of our country. Open Spending is calling for a change in attitude. Let’s play the leading role in the Brazil we want!

Our project deals with something that affects everybody: your pocket. Open Spending will show you how the federal government of Brazil and the state government of São Paulo are spending YOUR money. We’ll do everything through easy and interactive data visualizations.

But we will not stop right there! We know that such a change in attitude doesn’t come overnight. It requires a lot of effort and dedication. It requires awareness.

That’s why we’ll offer courses and tools so anyone will be able to use Open Spending in efficient and striking ways, anywhere. We’ll create the conditions for anyone to bring Open Spending to any city. When everyone changes their realities, we change the country.


Caroline Riley – Carol

Areas of expertise: strategic planning, branding, innovation and sustainability. Caroline has more than 10 years of experience in businesses management, strategic planning and branding in Brazil, Latin America, Europe and United States. Sha has worked in developing, innovating and specific projects such as: Tam, Lan, Telefónica, Vivo, Fast Shop, Bunge, Microsoft, Nestlé and GVces. She graduated at ECA-USP and obtained her MBA at Escola de Negócios de Madrid.

    Everton Zanella Alvarenga – Tom

    Everton Zanella Alvarenga, aka Tom, is the Executive Director of Open Knowledge Brazil. He has been involved in many projects about free knowledge, from building softwares to stimulating access to OER. He has worked as a consultant for Wikimedia Foundation, coordinated the project Wikimedia in Teaching in Brazil, and has worked at Open Knowledge Foundation since 2011, when the Brazilian chapter was suggested. He co-founded Stoa project at the University of São Paulo, which aims to create a public space for sharing and producing knowledge with focus on science and education, and has been supporting many projects in the context of open and free culture.

    Gisele Craveiro

    Since 2005 is University of São Paulo assistant professor, teaching and researching at the School of Arts, Science and Humanities. She and colleagues have founded the Research Group on Public Policies for Access to Information, which since 2006 contributes in the public debate about open access, copyright, FLOSS, Open Data and Open Government. She is member of the Brazilian National Open Data Infrastructure steering committee, representing civil society. She is also in the Open Government Partnership Latin American Civil Society advisor committee. Her national and international projects and publications are mainly focused in open budget, ranging from government transparency portals analysis, data extraction, standardization of budgetary data disclosure on the web, civic application development and open data initiatives impact research.

    Marco Túlio Pires

    Marco Túlio Pires

    Marco Túlio is the coordinator of Escola de Dados (School of Data) in Brazil. Journalist (UFMG) graduated in Electrical Engineering (PUC-Minas), Data Visualization (University of Michigan), Project Management (Georgetown University) and programming, he is advisor of innovation and technology at the Bureau of Social Progress of São Paulo. He learned how to program in Python with the help of MIT and edX platform and has been trying to connect Computer Sciences and Journalism at the emerging area called Data Journalism.

    Thiago Rondon

    Thiago Rondon

    Thiago develops software at Aware and b-datum. He is a big enthusiastic of the Free Software Movement and has won many prizes of programming, such as Desarrollando América Latina, White Camel Awards, Prêmio Mário Covas, and others.
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