This year, we have the great honour of welcoming Patrick Alley, co-founder and director of Global Witness, to the Open Knowledge Festival stage.

Patrick Alley took part in the organisation’s first investigations into the Thai-Khmer Rouge timber trade in 1995 and  has since participated in over fifty field investigations in South East Asia, Africa and Europe. His focus has primarily  been on natural resource governance issues in resource-rich countries.

Patrick’s talk will draw on over two decades of experience in obtaining and using hard evidence in order to expose corruption related to natural  resources, funding of conflict and the looting of entire states. He will talk us through how we can best highlight the human,  environmental and economic consequences of illegal, immoral or unethical practices and by doing so, how we can deepen and broaden our impact – in an effort  to ultimately achieve long-lasting global change. If you want to learn from a true change-maker, then there is no better person or place than Patrick speaking at Open Knowledge festival 2014.

Can’t wait for July? Here is sneak peak of Patrick Alley describing a perfect crime – industrial logging – at  TEDxExeter.

There are still tickets left; buy yours now to join Patrick Alley, Neelie Kroes and hundreds of other members of the global open knowledge community to share experiences, learn from peers and collectively build a stronger open knowledge movement.

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Katelyn Rogers is a project and community manager at Open Knowledge Foundation.