Two weeks back a coalition of Open Data Day supporters announced a micro-grant scheme in an open call for groups with good ideas for Open Data Day activities. The response was overwhelming and over 75 groups from all corners of the world found the time to send in an application for one of the 300 USD micro-grants.

We were absolutely overwhelmed with the number of applications and sadly could only reward a small fraction of them, despite the vast majority being more than worthy of financial support. Through dire deliberations the following groups were selected:

We, the coalition behind the micro-grants, congratulate them all and look forward to help them alongside all other groups organizing Open Data Day activities.

For all the groups who were unfortunately not awarded funds this time around, we were still tremendously excited to read about their plans. We were severely limited in the funds we had available and are disappointed that we couldn’t support more groups! We hope that those groups will still be able to carry on and organize their planned event and we are here to provide . The vast majority of Open Data Day events are organized without budget, and in the spirit of the global volunteer community we hope that they will be able to as well! We look forward to support all Open Data Day organizers in other ways and will be pushing Open Data Day heavily on social media, blog posts etc.

If you have plans to organise an event, don’t forget to add it to the wiki and on the official Open Data Day world map of events. It’s still not too late to organise, so roll up your sleeves and jump into it! More than 200 events are already in progress, let’s reach 300!

See Spanish translation of this post.