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For the third consecutive year, Open Data Peru organised the #OpenDataDay 2016, an international event about #OpenData.

Currently, the open data is becoming a trend adopted by governments to provide information about public spending, budgets, etc. in open formats, free to use and available to any citizen. In this way it seeks to create a more transparent and citizen participatory system. As data is released under this license, any citizen can access and use the information to build distribution platforms, data visualizations, and so on. This not only benefits citizens, it also allows specialists, academics, journalists and organizations to process this information to generate research, articles, and much more complete applications.

IMG_7816On March 5, Open Data Peru invite different specialists, citizens and organizations to discuss and learn about the use and contribution of open data. During the morning, they could hear various talks on the implementation of open data in Peru. Several initiatives, such as the collective @QDatosAbiertos (We Want Open Data), which seeks to inform and engage citizens with different communication campaigns and workshops aimed at demonstrating how to use simple technologies that allow this data to be used without needing specialist skills. The group, Ciudadanos al Día,  presented an initiative for Best Practices of Open Data in the public sector, which aims to reward public institutions to publish information in open data.

Another great presentation was that of the Municipality of San Isidro, which has been promoting a culture of technology and innovation has been since 2015. They implemented an open data portal and organized a hackathon. They also signed up to the International Open Data Charter.

IMG_7813Open Data Peru presented a summary of the work carried out during 2015, and one of the main activities (workshops, hackathons, Dataton, etc.) that was undertaken was the National Scholars Program, which focused on the decentralization of open data at the national level. Throughout this program, we worked with communities of different technology departments in Peru and selected leaders to become data trainers. With this work, Open Data Peru seeks to create a network of trainers and specialists who can work steadily and advise on creating platforms and applications using open data, and create a space for experimentation and citizen participation.

During the afternoon, we simultaneously held workshops with different specialists. Participants were able to learn more about data journalism work, visualizations, narrative, semantic web, usability and internet governance.

The #OpenDataDay 2016 in Peru, finished the day with dynamic lighting talks during #PiscoyDatos.

Open Data Peru is constantly in search of volunteers to work with open data technology projects, train more journalists in the dynamics of working with data and promote a more transparent system through the release of open data. To date we keep on improving and contribution of open data in our platform

We thank all the communities and organizations that were part of #OpenDataDay: StoryCode, OjoPúblico, Hiperderecho, Hack IT Labs, Ciudadanos al Día and each of the speakers.

The event was sponsored by Hack IT Labs, Municipality of San Isidro, the Peruvian Press Council and the Latin American Open Data Initiative (ILDA), thank you for your contribution and support of the event.


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