Open Government Data from around the world session is back at the OGP summit, this time with a twist! Come and join as active participants and share open data updates from your country on Thursday, December 8th on 12 pm!

What is Open Government Data from around the world session?

In this one hour session, we are trying to connect the open data community and to get as many updates as we can from all over the world. It is a rapid session, where each participant can speak for 2 minutes and give a quick update about their country status. This year, celebrating 5 years of OGP, we will also ask you to share the good, the bad and the ugly of OGP in your country.

There is no session without your participation, so we encourage you to sign up and take part of it! There is no right or wrong, just a time limit and you must have an update about a country (i.e geographical place). Government officials, CSOs and others are welcome to present! We can host potentially up to 60 different speakers!

Why should I come to this session?

  • Learn about other initiatives in the world in one hour!
  • It is fun and informal
  • Great place to network
  • Good place to get your OGD initiative known

What will come out of this session?

Daniel and Mor will tweet and use Facebook Live during the event, and will summarise it to you in a blog post, so we can keep collaborating after the OGP summit

So how can I participate?

Learn more about this session in this doc ––j9lNhyEHSUcYTdSL4Kit-sUuvlCdQxOugCevlg/edit#heading=h.jstk65wkq7f0

If you have more questions, just reach out to us – Daniel Dietrich –   and Mor Rubinstein –

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