As we get closer to Open Data Day 2018, we keep working to make this year’s events really awesome. To achieve this we have some good news for you:

We now will support one more track of Open Data Day events! The new track is Open Data for Equal Development and it’s sponsored by OKI through the Hewlett Foundation.

We define equal development as ending the structural barriers that make it harder for some groups in societies to access their rights, goods or services.

We know this is a really broad spectrum of subjects but that’s by design, we don’t want to narrow it down for you. This track will support events that promote solutions or showcase the need to improve in terms of health, women’s and reproductive rights, humanitarian crises, inclusive societies and cohesive communities, ethnic and cultural diversity, LGBT rights,etc. We think data can help look into solutions in these subjects and help provide more equality and equity in societies.

With this new track, we expect to support an even broader group of participants from different parts of the world.

If this track is not the one you want to focus your event on, remember there are three other tracks we will support.  Remember to submit your application in the form before February 4 and good luck!