What’s this about?

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Do you have professional expertise in emerging data driven technologies such as artificial intelligence and their relationship with the law – especially the legal systems of the UK, Republic of Ireland and the EU?

Are you up to date with the debates around surveillance technologies and their potential negative impacts on human rights?

Do you understand innovation in big data and machine learning, and the opportunities these technologies present? Are you also working to ensure these technologies can be deployed in a way that ensures that everyone benefits?

Would you like to use these skills to influence the future of artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision making in the UK, and around the world?
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If this is you – we invite you to be part of the Advisory Council of The Justice Programme.

Email justice@okfn.org to find out more.

Also – if you know someone who would be a great fit for the role – please either share this with them, or email us their details and we will get in touch with them directly.