At the Open Knowledge Foundation, we urge to ramp up all the diplomatic and political efforts for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and that ceasefire to extend to all the countries and regions in the World suffering the brutality of war. We strongly condemn the indiscriminate attacks and forced displacement that the Russian government is inflicting on millions of civilians as well as the crackdown against their own citizens broadly opposing the war. The immediate cessation of hostilities and a permanent peace must be the objective, to be followed by justice and accountability.

We send our solidarity to all the advocates for peace in Russia, Belarus and neighbouring countries, where many members of the communities that we collaborate with, live, and work in advancing knowledge and education as tools for peace and better government.

We also put our skills and tools at the service of the communities trying to assist the urgent humanitarian efforts on their way. We call our communities to put their knowledge and skills urgently at the service of internationalist solidarity, cooperation and peace.