We at Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) are excited to announce the launch of the Open Data Day(s) 2023 Small Grants Application to support organisations hosting Open Data events and activities across the world.

The application deadline is 26th February 2023 and only registered organisations can apply for the grants to host in-person events. The events supported by the grants should take place during the Open Data Day(s) from 4th to 10th March 2023 and must be registered at the Open Data Day website.

This year OKFN will support up to 15 events with a grant amount of USD 500 each (and this number can increase as more sponsoring organisations join us for the Small Grants Program). If you want to know more about the Small Grants Partnership Opportunities, please contact: Nikesh Balami (nikesh.balami@okfn.org), International Open Data Lead, and Carol Matos (carolina.matos@okfn.org), Partnerships Lead.

To be awarded a small grant, the event must fit into this year’s thematic focus “Open Data to AI”. Read more about the 2023 thematic focus here.

Small grants support registered civil society organisation events and cannot be used to fund government events. The grant payment will be transferred to the successful grantees after their event takes place and once the Open Knowledge Foundation team receives a draft blogpost about the event.

Who and How to apply?

The small grant application is open to all registered organisations across the world, who are interested in hosting in-person open data events and activities in their country. An individual cannot apply, and the events cannot be virtual or online.

Please use the ODD 2023 small grants application form to submit your application. Please find the application questions here if you want to go through them beforehand.

About Open Data Day?

Open Data Day is an annual celebration of open data all over the world, where we gather to reach out to new people and build new solutions to issues in our communities using open data.

As a way to increase the representation of different cultures around the world, in 2023 edition, we offer the opportunity for organisations to host the ODD event on the best date for their location between 4th and 10th March  2023.

For more information, you can reach out to the Open Knowledge Foundation team by emailing opendataday@okfn.org. You can also join the Open Data Day Google Group to ask for advice or share tips and get connected with others.