Between March 5 and 6, 2024, Caracas, capital of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, could not be left behind in the celebration of Open Data Day 2024; and the UTOPIX Femicide Monitor was in charge of it. During these two days a workshop was held: “Bootcamp INFOTOPIA version 2.0: Learning to monitor and infographics gender violence in the Capital District”.

This event was attended by 20 representatives of various feminist and women’s organizations from the states of Distrito Capital, La Guaira, Aragua and Miranda. On the first day, they received an introduction to monitoring data on various types of gender violence through the open source method; and on the second day, they received training on a visual tool for mass dissemination as important as infographics.

The facilitator was myself, Aimee Zambrano, on the first day and on the second day I was accompanied by Kael Abello, both founding members of the UTOPIX community and communication platform.

The main topics addressed during the Bootcamp were:

  1. Media monitoring and data collection.
    1. Concepts: the difference between communication and information; information systems;
    2. Monitoring and follow-up of information;
    3. Systematization of information;
    4. Open data analysis: open data and web scrapping;
    5. Data Monitoring Strategies;
    6. Some simple tools for data monitoring.
  2. INFOTOPIA method: it is a collaborative dynamic for the visual processing of information and collective generation of infographic materials.
    1. Thinking data: a brief review of the fundamental elements of the infographic conception to delimit the criteria, categories and hierarchies of the data.
    2. From writing to image: A tour of tools that make it possible to infographically display information in a simple way.

Among the main topics addressed by the various organizations as possible projects to be accompanied by the UTOPIX Monitor for their subsequent development into infographics and publication in social networks, the following stand out:

  • Women’s autonomy, advances in sexual and reproductive rights.
  • Discrimination against Sapphic women in Venezuela during 2023.
  • Implicit violence in the experiences of Yukpa indigenous craftswomen and craftsmen.
  • Psychological violence in the Altagracia parish: July-December 2023.
  • Indigenous women’s leadership in Venezuela, remains and risks.
  • Exploitation and sexual abuse of Venezuelan migrant women in Latin America.

The idea is that this Bootcamp is the first of many workshops that we want to dictate in several states of the country, to train various feminist and women’s organizations to start a monitoring network of gender violence in Venezuela.

About Open Data Day

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