On March 2 to 4 2024, UPI Youthmappers successfully held the Open Data Day 2024 event, with the theme “Bus-friendly: mapping participation guiding blocks & halt for equality of public transportation users and engaging disabled voices”. This event lasted for 3 days with a total of 15 participants.

On the first day, UPI Youth Mappers succeeded in making the event a success with a series of activities carried out in the Reka Working Space. First, there was a Hands-on activity using Open Street Maps and Wikipedia. Then presented experienced speakers who shared information regarding “Public Awareness of the Importance of Access for Disabled People in Public Transportation”. Apart from that, UPI Youth Mappers also invited friends who had disabilities, so the sharing session felt more interesting. On the first day, there were also prizes for active participants, but apparently, all participants actively took part in the event on the first day.

On the second day, it was the day when the participants and committee collected data at every stop in Corridor 4, namely Dago-Leuwi Panjang Terminal, Bandung. This data collection activity was very exciting and all participants succeeded in collecting data to later provide information regarding accessibility for disabled users who use bus transportation, namely Trans Metro Pasundan. The second day’s activities start at 9 am until 2 pm.

Then the final day was held on March 4 2024 online via Zoom Meeting. The event on the third day was data input into Open Street Maps (OSM) obtained during the field survey. The data entered into OSM is data related to disabled users who use the Pasundan Trans Metro Bus, supplemented with photos of the condition of all bus stops. Each participant inputs data independently in their respective OSM accounts, and is directed by UPI Youth Mappers. The third day of activities closed with the announcement of the most active participants and the distribution of prizes. And with a group photo session.

Our Open Data Day 2024 event was expected to open up knowledge related to our awareness that people with disabilities need to pay attention when using public transportation, namely buses and the availability of good and disability-friendly facilities. By obtaining a number of data and information on OSM, we hope that it will be useful. Thank you for participating in making the 2024 Open Data Day event a success by UPI Youth Mappers!

About Open Data Day

Open Data Day (ODD) is an annual celebration of open data all over the world. Groups from many countries create local events on the day where they will use open data in their communities.

As a way to increase the representation of different cultures, since 2023 we offer the opportunity for organisations to host an Open Data Day event on the best date within a one-week period. In 2024, a total of 287 events happened all over the world between March 2nd-8th, in 60+ countries using 15 different languages.

All outputs are open for everyone to use and re-use.

In 2024, Open Data Day was also a part of the HOT OpenSummit ’23-24 initiative, a creative programme of global event collaborations that leverages experience, passion and connection to drive strong networks and collective action across the humanitarian open mapping movement

For more information, you can reach out to the Open Knowledge Foundation team by emailing opendataday@okfn.org. You can also join the Open Data Day Google Group to ask for advice or share tips and get connected with others.